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Estonian Badminton Association

Estonian Badminton Association with its predecessor Estonian Badminton Federation has been established at the end of the year 1964, having been active for more than 48 years. The objective of the Estonian Badminton Association is to promote badminton in Estonia, send our athletes and teams to championships, organise national and international competitions, train badminton coaches and referees, etc.

Since the year 1992, the Estonian Badminton Association has been a member of the Badminton World Federation as well as the Estonian Olympic Committee. The Association includes 19 clubs that unite approximately 800 players and trainers.

The co-operation of EuroPark and the Estonian Badminton Association began in the year 2009 and the noteworthy support given to the Association has made it possible to send our teams to championships abroad as well as organise international competitions in Estonia (Estonian International).