Automatic parking

In all EuroPark open parking lots you can use Autlo automatic parking.  Autlo is a technology which understands where you stop your car and if needed, activates the payment by itself.

Automatic parking is convenient and risk free. Car does all the work and you get push notifications to your phone. If needed, then in first 3 minutes you can change zone or cancel payment. 

Using Autlo, you can avoid parking tickets, which are a result from forgetting and other human errors. Autlo starts and ends the payment by itself. It works even then, if you speak on the phone at the same time.

You will save money, because can not forget to end payment after leaving or park wrong car. Free parking time is calculated in automatically.

Price is according to parking lot price list, plus 0,32 eur for starting the parking session (same, as with mobile parking). Payment can be done with Telia or Tele2 bill.

To use Autlo automatic parking, there are 2 options:

Phone app - free 
If your app is connected with car through Bluetooth, then Autlo free app is all you need. App monitors phone and car Bluetooth connection and when connection is lost, activates parking session in phone location; when connection is restored, ends parking session.

Download the app:
App Store / Google Play

Autlo device
If you do not have a Bluetooth in your car, then you can use automatic parking with a device, which goes as a plug-in to car diagnostic port (OBD2). Port is present in gasoline cars since 2001 and diesel cars since 2004. Autlo device costs 149 eur, price includes mobile SIM card (monthly and data fees are prepaid). All actions are visible in Autlo app.

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