On February 24 2018 you can park in EuroPark open parking lots without paying!

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Come downtown and meet your friends! For real!


EuroPark and Stig share 15000 hours free parking on Valentine's day!

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EuroPark supports donation!


You donate blood, EuroPark pays for your parking!

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EuroPark is the parking operator in Stockmann parking lot


In Stockmann parking lot you park conveniently and securely the same way as in all other Europark parking lots!

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EuroPark is the official parking partner of the 21st PÖFF festival


See the locations and the map of the parking lots here!

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Nautica Center parking is operated by EuroPark


Former Norde Centrum, now called Nautika Center, parking is operated by EuroPark

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EuroPark supports Estonian basketball!


EuroPark will donate 10% of the parking fee

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EuroPark – Successful Estonian Company 2017


EuroPark Estonia – a company with an excellent (AAA) cumulative rating in terms of economic and financial indicators, as well as payment discipline.

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Starting from September 15 EuroPark operates parking in Zelluloosi area


In Zelluloosi area are active 3 parking zones

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EuroPark welcomes you to the cinema and enjoy free parking!


The visitors of Apollo Cinema Solaris can park in EuroPark 3 hours free of charge until August 31!

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EuroPark summer campaign! Park with high odds of winning a Gyroscooter during 5 weeks!


EuroPark summer campaign 2017 - a mega cool Gpad Gyroscooter, one of the best seasonal vehicles! Campaign starts at July 3.

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EuroPark will continue to support Hawaii Express Estonian Cup


Every participant  of any intorduction race will get a parking voucher 

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Parking in Solaris Centre only 5 euros!


From 5 am to 5 pm parking in Solaris parkinghouse costs only 5 euros

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Parking during PÖFF festival


During PÖFF (from 11th to 27th of November) there are special parking prices in five outdoor parking lots and in three parking houses. 

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Download Autlo automatic parking app and get 50% off in our open parking lots


Automatic parking helps to avoid parking tickets and save money

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In July we give a free car wash to new loyal customers


Now is the right time to purchase monthly parking card!

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Skillful parking is a part of an exemplary driving culture


EuroPark urges drivers to be caring and attentive on the road 

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EuroPark supports Estonian sports


EuroPark will continue to support Hawaii Express Estonian Cup

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EuroPark and Toyota will continue to support environmental awareness


Toyota Hybrid models bought from the beginning of 2016 park free of charge in EuroPark!

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Trend of the summer - rooftop training sessions!


On 1 August 2012, rooftop training sessions began in three cities – in the EuroPark Rävala parking house in Tallinn

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New parking lot, Rävala T11 special offer 99 € / month!


First ten customers get monthly price 99 EUR 99 € / kuu!

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Slowball and EuroPark will bring art to city streets  


Beginning on 26 July, EuroPark became an urban art gallery, where in the outdoor car park at Tartu Road 1 took place an art project "Art on wheels." 

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EP100 - new century of parking zones  


At Estonia pst 15 is a car park operated by EuroPark that bears zone designation EP100! 

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Sadama parking lot is closing down


Since 13 June there will be difficulties in using Sadama parking lot. The parking lot will be completely closed down on 19 June. 

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Three hours of free parking!


To all buyers of series tickets ENSO offers 3 HOURS OF FREE PARKING in Rävala parking house during the concert!

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Pre-paid card - 1 Card, 4 Parking houses


How would you like the fixed price of 1 € per 30 minutes, 24h 10€ in all EuroPark parking houses? It is inexpensive and simple to remember!

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Preferences of loyal customer


If you don’t have enough time to bring your car to maintenance, just let us know. We will take care of it ourselves and deliver the car back. 

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Changes in traffic organization since 5 April 2014


Due to reconstruction works on Pärnu Road, there will be changes in traffic organization in the center of Tallinn. All EuroPark parking lots remain open and accessible from[...]

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In the evenings and during the nighttime the low price in Rävala parking house


EuroPark Rävala parking house offers a discounted price for leaving your car in a shelter for half a day. It is a great alternative for parking in Tallinn’s “Sü[...]

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Parking Toyota Prius 2015


Nothing makes us happier than seeing that environmental awareness finds more and more supporters. And giving gifts to people who think in the same way as w[...]

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Standard high visibility vest with your parking card!


Our new contractual clients get a free high visibility vest with their parking card from us! 

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The most cultured parking lot in Estonia!


The TABLE gallery and scene is now open on EuroPark’s parking lot at Tartu mnt 1, on Estonian Academy of Arts’ land plot.

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We have moved!


Our office can now be found on the third floor of Solaris Office block, above Nordea Concert Hall.

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Learn more about our new Self-service portal!


Now using our new Self-service portal iseteenindus.europark.ee you will be able to manage your parking rights – easily, conveniently and exactly when you wish to!

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