About us

Parking is easy!

We follow the principle of "Parking is easy" in organizing parking, which means:

  • worry-free and convenient parking arrangement;
  • easily managed innovative parking solutions;
  • optimal parking arrangement in changing situations;
  • easy comprehensibility of parking-related information through signage and customer service;
  • smooth traffic management and provision of parking spaces for parking lot visitors;
  • positive emotions from using the service.

We stand for parking being convenient, easy, fast, and accessible for everyone! Our Foundation is our customers, whom we prioritize and base our operations on. We understand that our success depends on customer satisfaction. We are open to cooperation, development, and continuous improvement. We want to be the first choice of customers and partners. For this, we have a very flexible and customer-oriented service culture and the will to do our job well. Above all, we believe that the service we offer is indeed the best!

OÜ EUROPARK ESTONIA  is a company providing parking services belonging to an international group, which has been operating in Estonia since 2002. EuroPark's business has been successful, and the company's development has been consistent. We operate more than 700 parking areas and we are the largest company operating privately owned parking lots in Estonia. A strong financial background and the support of the owners give us the opportunity to be a reliable partner for all cooperation partners and property owners. EuroPark has the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate, and we have been assigned the highest AAA rating by Credit Information. Thanks to our wealth of experience, customer-centric approach, flexibility, openness to innovation, and quick responsiveness, we have emerged as a market leader among parking management companies in Estonia.


We are a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Forum, and in 2021 the company was also evaluated by the Corporate Social Responsibility Index, where the company was recognized with a Silver level label.  Read more about responsible business HERE.