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We manage parking lots of different sizes and orientations and are well acquainted with all the nuances, issues, and ongoing questions associated with parking management. We have the longest experience as a parking management company in Estonia, which is why the country's largest shopping centers, the most important transportation hubs, and thousands of developers and landowners have entrusted their parking management to us. Every parking lot is different. That is why we are well aware of the parking issues that landowners, apartment associations, restaurants, office buildings, government institutions, as well as large shopping centers and transportation hubs, have to deal with.

EuroPark's main activities are the provision and organization of parking services. We organize parking both in outdoor parking lots and parking garages, with the aim of providing customers with the most convenient parking options. In addition to outdoor parking lots and parking garages, we also assist in organizing parking on the territories of apartment associations and around various institutions. We offer traffic management services to companies, apartment associations, and event organizers. In addition to everything mentioned earlier, we also provide parking equipment services, including barrier gate systems, payment terminals, various card and coupon solutions, lighting systems, and devices for displaying available parking spaces.

We provide consulting services from project conception to the implementation of a functional system, including parking area planning, design, development of parking regulations, and management. We are constantly investing in the development of parking facilities and working towards making parking as easy and smart as possible for our customers. Based on our extensive experience in parking management, we offer solutions that are cost-effective and take into account the expectations and needs of our customers.

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