For apartment associations

We help apartment associations to organise their parking.

We provide consultation to apartment associations regarding parking regulations and parking-related issues. Additionally, we offer parking management services to apartment associations, which include installing traffic signs and information boards, issuing parking permits, and conducting regular monitoring to ensure compliance with parking conditions.

Inevitably, self-regulation becomes ineffective when the number of vehicles exceeds a certain limit within a territory. Based on experience, it must be acknowledged that restricting a property with a barrier or gate system does not always solve parking problems, as vehicles that should not be parked there will eventually find their way onto the restricted property.

To regulate parking in the apartment association, you issue parking cards or utilize an electronic parking permit management program that can be managed by the association itself. We also enable the apartment association to perform parking monitoring themselves and issue penalties if necessary, ensuring enforcement of parking conditions.

At the moment, we provide services to over 90 residential associations in Tallinn, Tartu, and Pärnu, all of whom have found reasonable solutions to their parking-related problems through our services.

We are open to cooperation. Please contact us, and let's discuss collaboration opportunities.  You can find our contacts HERE.

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