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We have long-term experience in arranging parking for various service establishments. We adhere to the principle that parking management should support the core business of the customer and contribute to creating a positive customer experience. We do not view parking management as a standalone activity, but rather, we take into account the expectations of service establishments and consider human aspects and a sense of fairness.

The objectives of parking management:

  • The concept of parking management must support the creation of a positive customer experience. For many people, visiting a service establishment begins and ends with parking.
  • To ensure available parking spaces for customers.
  • The ability to efficiently maintain the property when the service establishment is closed includes tasks such as cleaning and winter snow removal.
  • To prevent the extensive use of the parking lot as a public parking space by individuals other than customers of the service establishment.
  • Parking management should be familiar and straightforward, avoiding confusion or moments of stress for customers.

We can organize convenient parking for your customers through a dedicated parking program, taking into account your business needs and preferences. In the city center, offering free parking as an additional value provided by the service provider is a compelling argument. It's worth taking advantage of!

How does the parking program work? It couldn't be simpler! The customer enters their license plate number to activate parking either through a self-service parking program, or the service location administrator can do it on their behalf.

With the parking program, you can also have access to a tailor-made parking solution that is unique in the Baltics, including modern parking equipment and expert service. Read more about the parking management program HERE.

We are happy to collaborate, so please contact us, and we can discuss the possibilities for cooperation!  You can find our contacts HERE.

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