For landlords

In collaboration, we create parking solutions and manage parking operations.

We have decades of international experience and comprehensive knowledge in the field of parking, including its related areas and possibilities. We have successful cooperation with many landowners in providing parking services, whether it is private land, surroundings of hotels, hospitals, businesses, or shopping centers, or the management and development of parking buildings.

You can ask us for expert advice on parking space layout, traffic scheme development, efficient utilization of roads, and other matters related to parking. In addition, we also conduct parking area inspections and perform traffic management. We can assist you in selecting the most suitable parking technology and equipment, considering the optimal price-performance ratio and meeting all necessary conditions and customer requirements.

As a partner, we are ready to participate in the development of new projects as both a financier and a consultant.

EuroPark is the best partner for organizing and developing parking services for land and property owners who value professionalism and trust.

Please contact us, and let's discuss collaboration opportunities.  You can find our contacts HERE.

General information:
Phone: +372 661 0223
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