Come downtown and meet your friends! For real!


EuroPark and Stig share 15000 hours free parking on Valentine's day!

Do not send Hugs&Kisses to your friend on Facebook this Valentines Day! This is so yesterday! Come to the city and get actually together! Go to a cafe, to the movies or have a walk together! And you do not have to worry about parking in the city center, we'll give away hours of free parking! Park even the whole day if you like!

Keep your eyes open around the city center of Tallinn on a Valentines Day, because EuroPark's CEO Karol and our good friend Stig, will walk around and share gift bags. Yes, the same Stig Rästa, who is the author of many popular songs and is likely to win the hearts of everyone on the Estonian Song Festival this year again!

In addition to the 24-hour free parking coupons, the gift bag also includes heart-shaped hand warmers and reflectors, so that nobody gets cold during the dark winter time. We care for the safety of all and wish you arrive safely to your family and friends!

EuroPark wishes with this friendly action to offer everyone a glimpse of the kindness of the heart and soul, and to encourage people to come to the city and meet their friends face-to-face and not only on Valentine's Day but always!


Come to the city center and get together with friends!
For real!

With kind wishes, Your EuroPark


Usage of 24-hour free parking coupon:

  • When entering the Parking House take the parking ticket from the barrier.
  • Before leaving, please enter first regular parking ticket, then 24-hour free parking coupon.
  • If you parked over 24 hours, you have to pay for the extra hours parked according to the parking house price list.
  • The ticket is valid until shown on the coupon.


Usage of heart-shaped hand warmers:

  • Flex the little round-shaped metal chip inside the heart few times until the liquid starts to crystallize and heat up and harden.
  • The heart will remain warm up to 30 minutes.
  • The heart is reusable if boiled approximately 5 minutes until all crystals inside the heart have disappeared.

Keep your hands warm and heart open!


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On February 24 2018 you can park in EuroPark open parking lots without paying!


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