The new EuroPark application is here!


Here it is, our own mobile application - now also in Estonia!

As a market leader, EuroPark has made great developments in the digital field. Today, we have thrivingly upgraded our information systems and digital solutions, developed a number recognition system, parking can be done automatically and without a ticket, and we also aim to offer various payment options. It is important for us to be close to our customers and offer the best customer service, so creating our own parking application is a logical step to provide all that.

If there is no pay machine in the car park or it is not possible to use mobile payment, then with EuroPark app, the payment can be made with credit and debit card. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Using the application:

1) Download the app

  • The app can be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore
  • When the application is downloaded, follow the instructions
  • Enter your card/payment details

2) Start parking

  • The application provides the nearest parking areas in the list of parking lots according to your location, identifying your location by mobile GPS. You will see your location as a blue dot on the map.
  • You can select a parking lot by selecting the parking lot from the map or list.
  • To park, press the blue P symbol and confirm.
  • If parking is active, you will see it at the bottom of the map and at the top of the list of parking areas. Parking time is also displayed.

3) Stop parking

  • If you want to end your parking, open the app and press the blue P symbol and confirm.
  • The parking fee count ends and a parking fee receipt is displayed.


Parking is Easy!

Download EuroPark app from:

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