Slowball and EuroPark will bring art to city streets  


Beginning on 26 July, EuroPark became an urban art gallery, where in the outdoor car park at Tartu Road 1 took place an art project "Art on wheels." 

The project aimed to introduce talented artists from Estonia and abroad, offering them the opportunity to express themselves freely on unusual canvases - cars.

In the framework of the project “Art on wheels”, painters, graphic designers, graffiti artists, illustrators and tattoo artists turned twenty cars from the period of a couple of decades ago into visually appealing and unique works of art. A couple of weeks later, on 5-9 August, within the framework of a road trip more than 700 kilometers will be covered with these cars on the trajectory Tallinn-Hiiumaa-Saaremaa-Pärnu-Tallinn.

This coming Sunday, Aug 2 the artists: Charlekas aka Karl Eelmaa, graffiti artist Toze97, tattoo artist Jarmo Nuutre, illustrator Ryan Chapman and the author of the comic strip Pesakond Madis Ots will give their contributions. 

On 5 August, all 20 cars are displayed in a joint exhibition in front of the Tammsaare park side of Viru Centre, where one has the opportunity to become acquainted with the artists and their creations or maybe acquire one’s favorite car-piece of art during the virtual auction.

All interested parties have the opportunity to support the art project through the joint financing page Indiegogo page.

The day of painting will take place this Sunday, Aug 2 from 15:00 to 18:00 at the EuroPark parking lot at Tartu Road 1 (the former building of EAA). Join the event on Facebook, and keep up to date with the project "Art on wheels" through Facebook and Instagram

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