During September, all CINAMON TASKU visitors can park free for 3 hours in Tasku parking house! 


During september, all CINAMON TASKU visitors can park free for 3 hours in Tasku parking house.  In 3 hours you can watch any movie you want!

3 hours parking is valid in CINAMON TASKU Tasku parking house- You can park your car straight to the cinema floor or find comfortable parking space in the second, third or underground floor. For free parking You need to validate Your parking ticket in cinema area where You can access with cinema ticket only! Always remember to validate your ticket! If You have any questions, please contact cinema employee who is happy to help!

Campaign rules:

  • During the Tasku Cinamon parking campaign, Tasku Cinamon moviegoers will be able to park their cars free for 3 hours at the Tasku parking garage.
  • The campaign is only valid at the Tasku Cinamon in the Tasku center.
  • All Tasku Cinamon moviegoers can take advantage of the campaign who have their parking tickets validated by the parking validator near the Tasku Cinamon halls.
  • Parking tickets that are validated elsewhere will no qualify for free parking.
  • The three-hour free parking period will start upon entering the parking garage.
  • The time for validating the parking ticket in not limited, i.e the parking ticket can be validated either before or after going to the cinema.
  • The campaing will last from 1.st of September to 30.09.2019.

Enjoy the movies!

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