Tartu Maarjamõisa parking garage has recently been opened!


The Tartu University Hospital`s new parking garage welcomes all parkers on the principle of open access!

The Maarjamõisa parking garage next to the University Hospital has space for 437 cars and 20 motorcycles.

The parking garage is barrier free, so parking takes place according to the open principle, meaning PAY FIRST, THEN PARK!

The parking garage accepts payment for parking using mobile phones, and a self-service payment terminal is also available. The mobile payment zone is EP201.

Instructions for payment by mobile phone:

  • Write a message with your license number, space, zone (Example: 111abc EP201).
  • Start the parking process by sending the SMS to 1902 and be sure to check that you receive a confirmation message from the mobile operator.
  • End the parking by calling the number 1903 (end the parking when you leave the garage).
  • The initiation fee from the mobile operator for parking is €0.32.

Different apps may also be used to pay for parking using a mobile:

Instructions for payment using the self-service payment terminal:

  • Start by entering the license number on the numeric display.
  • Select the desired form of payment: 1) Card payment: Insert the bank card and use the payment value buttons for selecting the desired amount.                                                                     2) Coin payment: Insert the exact amount in coins up to the desired value of parking time. NB! No change is provided!
  • Confirm by pressing the green button.

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