EuroPark pays for your first parking session


Campaign has ended!

Parking for the first time by mobile in EuroPark open parking lots? Congratulations – this parking session is free of charge for you!

We invite everyone, who has not yet dared to try mobile parking, to try it with EuroPark! Since 2018 we give every new customer, who has not parked in our open parking lots since 2018 January the 1st, first parking session free of charge! Park as long as you wish, we have not set the time limit!



  • The campaign is run by EuroPark Estonia OÜ
  • The campaign period is 1.01.2018 – 25.03.2019
  • Participants: Everyone who parks in EuroPark open parking lots for the first time (mobile number and vehicle number) or hasn’t parked since 2018 January the 1st will get the first parking session for free.
  • Mobile operator fee 0,32€ will be added.
  • Maximum free parking time 24h total.
  • You can mobile park in all EuroPark open parking lots by SMS, Autlo or applications and with all mobile operators.
  • Note! Campaign applies only for parkers with Estonian mobile operator number!
  • For mobile parking, you need to share with parking operator your mobile number and your vehicle number.
  • All participants agree on the use of their personal data to be used to carry out the campaign.
  • Free parkers data will not be publicised.
  • The employees of EuroPark Estonia OÜ and their family members shall not be eligible to participate in the Campaign.
  • EuroPark may, at its sole discretion, change the campaign terms and reserves the right to alter, amend or withdraw these Campaign Official Terms and Conditions by changing the terms on webpage.
  • In case of the complaint, Europark reserves the right to have the final say
  • All claims related to the Campaign should be sent to the Company’s general e-mail
  • A customer may unsubscribe from the Campaign by sending an e-mail to


Be bold!

Try mobile parking!


Additional information:
Telephone: +372 661 0223
Address: Estonia pst. 9, 10143 Tallinn


Mobile parking guide:

  • You have selected the nearest car park to your destination.
  • Check the parking zone from the entrance (e.g. EP12)
  • There are several options for mobile parking: SMS, or Autlo applications.
    • To park with SMS: Send a message to 1902 with the content: car registration number (space) parking zone name
    • To park with application: download the app, register the user, choose the parking zone from the list, start parking
    • To park with Autlo application: download the app, register the user, the app recognizes your location and parking will be started automatically. Read more here!
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