Free Parking With Apollo Cinema Ticket


Three hours of free parking for Apollo moviegoers at the Solaris parking garage throughout the month of July!

Campaign rules:

  • During the Apollo Cinema-Solaris parking campaign, Apollo moviegoers will be able to park their cars free for 3 hours at the Europark parking garage in the Solaris Centre
  • The campaign is only valid at the Apollo Cinema in the Solaris Centre.
  • All Apollo moviegoers can take advantage of the campaign who have their parking tickets validated by the parking validator near the Apollo Cinema on the 3rd floor of the Solaris Centre.
  • Parking tickets that are validated elsewhere will no qualify for free parking.
  • The three-hour free parking period will start upon entering the parking garage.
  • The time for validating the parking ticket is not limited. i.e. the parking ticket can be validated either before or after going to the cinema.
  • The campaign will last from of July to 31.07.2019.

Look at the movie schedule HERE.

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