Clean streets


A cute and green washing tractor is driving around the EuroPark car parks and washes the sidewalks!

There is a spring outside and all the snow has already melted!  As the winter left, it left a lot of dust and sand on the sidewalks. But you can, however, breathe cleaner air during your walk around the city center from now on, as the washing tractor is driving around the EuroPark car parks and washes the parking lots and sidewalks!

On April 11, the pavements surrounding Tartu Road 16, Tartu Road 10, Maakri Street, Lennuki and Juhkentali Street are cleaned. In addition, Tornimäe and Rävala Parking House entrances and exits.

On April 12 the Tartu Road 10, Juhkentali 26, Tartu Road 15 and 17, Tartu Road 1, Tuukri 2, 8, 56, Uussadama 11, 14 and Solaris Parking House entrance and exit ramps have been cleaned.

On April 13 Koidula Street 6, Poska Street 36, Ahtri Street 3, Sadama parking lot, Kalasadama 10, Vanalinna parking lot, Lembitu 4, Rüütli 3 and Aia 7 parking lots and surroundings have been cleaned.

The rest of the asphalted parking lots and sidewalks will be cleaned on the following days! And just for the record, we clean all the parking houses weekly.

PS! The list will be updated regularly!


Cleaner urban air and beautiful spring!

Washing Tractor cleaning the pavements surrounding Tartu Street 10a

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