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Download Autlo automatic parking app and get 50% off in our open parking lots


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Automatic parking helps to avoid parking tickets and save money

In EuroPark parking lots vehicles park automatically!

Automated parking solution is worked out by the teams of EuroPark and Autlo which understand if the vehicle is in paid parking zone and it activates the parking on its own. When landed in the parking zone, the app notifies you by sending a push notification to your self-phone.

You can start using the discount after you have downloaded the app, entered all necessary data and received SMS from us.

If your app is connected to the car through Bluetooth, the Autlo app is all you need. App monitors phone and car Bluetooth connection and you hit the parking lot, it activates parking session in your phone location. if you do not wish to park at this moment, you have 3 minutes to end the session.

In the first parking, you have to verify, if parking is identified and the app shows started parking in the right zone. The app notifies you (with the push notification) if parking started in the paid area or nearby. Please make sure, that automatically chosen zone is correct! If GPS is not accurate and wrong zone is chosen, you might get a fine. The statistic shows, that with today's GPS accuracy, the right zone is chosen 90% and in 10% you have to correct it manually. Parking can be canceled or changed in first 3 minutes, canceled parking costs nothing.


Parking Fee

EuroPark encourages everyone to try out the new app because we give every new user -50% off your regular parking fee for the first two months.

  • The regular price is according to the parking lot price list marked on the entrance.
  • Automated parking works only with Estonian mobile operator clients.
  • Additional mobile operator fee 0,32 euro is added for starting the parking session (same, as with regular mobile parking).

After leaving the parking lot the parking is stopped automatically as it was started.


Price for the loyal customer

Automated parking is convenient if you already have used to it. Many users have changed the regular mobile parking towards the automated parking and enjoy its comforts daily.

As EuroPark values its customers highly, we'd like to offer all loyal customers the opportunity to park with the lower price:

  • We will prolong the -50% from your regular parking fee if you park at least 20 times or 200 hours a month
  • If you park at least 10 times or 100 hours, you will get -25% off the regular price!


We wish you a pleasant parking!


Automated parking has several great advantages compared to the regular mobile parking!

  • Automatic parking is convenient and risk-free. The car does all the work and you get push notifications to your phone. If needed, then in first 3 minutes you can change zone or cancel the payment. 
  • Automatic parking helps you avoid parking tickets, which are a result of forgetting and other human errors. Autlo starts and ends the payment by itself. It works even then if you speak on the phone at the same time.
  • Automatic parking helps you save money because you can not forget to end payment after leaving or park the wrong car. Free parking time is calculated in automatically.


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