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EuroPark welcomes you to the cinema and enjoy free parking!


The visitors of Apollo Cinema Solaris can park in EuroPark 3 hours free of charge until August 31!

Now you have even more reasons visiting Solaris!

Until August 31, the visitors of Apollo Cinema Solaris who validate their same-day parking ticket on third floor ticket booth before 5 p.m. can park at EuroPark Solaris Parking house 3 hours free of charge. Just do not forget to validate to get your complimentary free parking hours.

Campaign organisers - EuroPark, Apollo Cinema, Solaris Centre.


Enjoy the cinema and let EuroPark take care of your parking!

Campaign has ended!

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EuroPark Estonia – a company with an excellent (AAA) cumulative rating in terms of economic and financial indicators, as well as payment discipline.


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