Now all Scandinavian ParkMan clients can park in Estonia with the same application as they do at home!


Parking in Estonia is more comfortable now for foreigners starting from June 2018!

In June 2018 Estonian biggest parking operator EuroPark Estonia and in Finland, Sweden, and other neighboring countries widely used mobile parking provider ParkMan conducted cooperation contract to provide convenient mobile parking to all the Scandinavian tourists visiting Estonia by car.

Until today, you could park in Estonia by mobile only if you have Estonian mobile operator number. Now, if you use ParkMan for parking, you can park in all EuroPark parking lots the same way using the same application as in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Lithuania, Italy and Spain.

The ParkMan’s Country Manager for Finland and the Baltics, Joakim Nyberg says: “It’s no coincidence that we want to cooperate with EuroPark Estonia stakeholders. The country is one of the most progressive in digitalizing mobility and EuroPark is one of the biggest parking providers in Estonia. ParkMan is already in use in the nearby countries of Finland and Lithuania. We’re excited to partner up with EuroPark in Estonia, and offer a more standardized method for digital parking, for both locals as well as travelers,” Nyberg concludes.

The application is available for Android and iOS. You could pay by credit or debit card and by invoice. The users get billed once a month (the 1st of each month) for the previous month total parking.


Additional information:

  • ParkMan application is downloadable from GooglePlay, AppStore or ParkMan web:
  • Customer Support in Finnish and in English via email, or phone at +358 942 579 290
  • Customer Support in Estonian or Russian from EuroPark email or phone at + 372 661 0223

Download application here:


Get started with ParkMan

1. Download the application and create your account

  • Find ParkMan app in your phone’s
    Google Play or AppStore and download it.
  • Once installed, follow the steps to complete the sign-up
  • Add your personal information and payment card details for billing.

2. Start parking

  • When you are in your desired parking location, the app will locate you with GPS (your car is a blue dot on the map).
  • Check the location’s accuracy, and manually adjust if needed.
  • Tap “start parking.”
  • You will then be asked to choose the correct vehicle, parking
    duration, and payment method and tap “confirm.”
  • A clock ticking on the map signals that your parking is active.

3. Stop parking

  • When you return to your car, open the app and tap “stop parking.”
  • You will then be asked to confirm.
  • The running payment has ended when a receipt of the parking appears on your screen.

Changing parking duration mid-parking:
If you wish to change the parking duration at any point, you can do it by tapping on “extend parking” (Android) or the small arrow next to the duration (iOS) and choosing a new ending time.

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