Rävala Parking Garage will get a fresher look!


Dear Customer!

In order to provide a better parking service, we will carry out a small renovation in Rävala Parking Garage. The floorings will get the new cover and parking spaces new markings.

The entrance to Rävala Street and first-floor parking spaces will be closed from 23 to 29 July. The other floors are open and the Garage is accessible from Kuke Street side.

During the period from July 30 to August 5, all other levels will be closed except the first floor. The Garage can only be entered from the Rävala Street entrance.


Special announcement to customers with parking contracts!

Your parking card allows you to park in the parking garages on Tornimäe and Solarises during the period from July 30th to August 5th.


More information from EuroPark customer support at europark@europark.ee or call  +372 6610223

Rävala Garage entrance

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