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The renewed and orchestrated Rävala parking house


Since 15 August 2014 there is a “smart parking system” in operation in Rävala parking house. New to Estonia, this plate number recognition system provides for additional comfort for both loyal customers and those who only parked their vehicle for a short period of time.

A loyal customer’s parking card can be linked with the vehicle’s plate number. This will allow you to enter and leave the parking house automatically. There will be no need to use a parking card.

The system is able to link the short-term parking ticket and the vehicle that enters the parking house based on such ticket. Having paid for parking the customer no longer needs to use the ticket at the exit – the lifting gates will open automatically.

We are also happy to introduce our new partner and good friend – the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ENSO). The information about the orchestra is available on the first floor of Rävala parking house. Within the framework of cooperation between ENSO and EuroPark in 2014/2015 season we offer 3 hours of free parking in Rävala parking house during ENSO concerts. Thus we increase renown of the orchestra that represents Estonia outside the concert hall walls and make visiting concerts more comfortable and pleasurable.

New cooperation will also be profitable for loyal customers of EuroPark – for them ENSO offers concert tickets with 15% discount. The discount is valid for owners of EuroPark parking cards for tickets purchased in the ticket office of Estonia concert hall.

Welcome to the renewed Rävala parking house – now with the orchestration!

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