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Preferences of loyal customer

‚ÄčAs a loyal customer of EuroPark you may be confident that we will not leave you in trouble should your car refuse to start or should you run out of fuel while on our parking lot. We will be happy to come and help – with a full fuel can and everything we need to jump-start your vehicle, so that you can go on about your business in no time.*

If you don’t have enough time to bring your car to maintenance, just let us know. We will take care of it ourselves and deliver the car back. A fee** for that can be paid in cash or with card payment.

If due to some accident you do not have a car to park on our parking lot – don’t worry. We will help you to quickly obtain a replacement vehicle from Hansarent. Just let us know.

Together we will swiftly deal with all these problems and celebrate the EuroPark’s preferential package!

* The service is available only in Tallinn.
** We will ask nothing more than the service provider fee.