EuroPark summer campaign! Park with high odds of winning a Gyroscooter during 5 weeks!


EuroPark summer campaign 2017 - a mega cool Gpad Gyroscooter, one of the best seasonal vehicles! Campaign starts at July 3.

EuroPark summer campaign 2017 is a five-weeks’ period when every customer parking with mobile stands a good chance of winning a prize by just parking their car in EuroPark parking lots! This summer’s prize is a mega cool Gpad Gyroscooter, one of the best seasonal vehicles! It will perfectly fit into most car trunks so that the winner may start rolling their way downtown right off from the parking!

Don’t leave your car at home, park at EuroPark with more affordable prices than elsewhere downtown and your trip can continue with the yroscooter!




EuroPark summer campaign, hence referred to as the Campaign, is carried out by EuroPark Estonia OÜ, hence referred to as the Company.



  • The Campaign 2017 will start on July 3 and will end on August 6.
  • The Participants will be all the Customers who paid by their mobile phone for the use of a EuroPark open facility during the Campaign period.
  • You can pay by mobile with any mobile operator’s network and with all the available payment channels by SMS, AutLo or
  • The odds of winning a prize will increase proportionally to the amount of times the parking was used during the Campaign period.
  • A customer may unsubscribe from the Campaign by sending an e-mail to
  • The employees of EuroPark Estonia OÜ and their family members shall not be eligible to participate in the Campaign.


Winner Selection and Prizes

  • The Prize will be a Gyroscooter 6S series provided by G-Pad.
  • On every week of the Campaign a winner will be selected among all the customers who used their mobile phone for paying for the open facilities of the Company.
  • The winners will be selected by the Company.
  • The names of the winners will be announced at
  • The winners will be contacted by phone by the Company’s employee during the week following the week when the facility has been used.
  • If a winner fails to answer the call from the Company within a week, the Prize will not be awarded.
  • Prize will not be selected amongst those who have a track record with parking fines.
  • The Prizes will be given out to the winners only during their personal visits to the EuroPark Estonia office location at Estonia pst. 9, 10143 Tallinn.
  • The Prizes will not be delivered to the winner by mail.


General Provisions

  • The Company will not be liable for any damage caused to the equipment and user or to third parties during the use of the Prize.
  • In the case of force-majeure circumstances or a serious violation of the Campaign Rules, the Company will be entitled to discontinue the Campaign and to refrain from awarding the prizes by making an announcement at their webpage.
  • The Company will be entitled to alter the Campaign Rules by making an announcement at their webpage.
  • All claims related to the Campaign should be sent to the Company’s general e-mail
  • All the official taxes related to the Prizes will be paid by the Company.
  • The Campaign will be carried out according to good business practices.



  • Blue Gyroscooter, Henrik E. 5****660
  • Black Gyroscooter, Terje T. 5****264
  • Black Gyroscooter, Katrin P. 5****822
  • Red Gyroscooter, Silva V. 5***972
  • Golden Gyroscooter, Maili M. 5****772


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EuroPark Estonia OÜ


Additional information:

Telephone: +372 661 0223

Address: Estonia pst. 9, 10143 Tallinn


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