BC Kalev/Cramo

The home hall of the Estonian basketball team BC Kalev/Cramo for the 2017/2018 season is the Tallinn Kalev Sports Hall, which can accommodate nearly 2,000 spectators. Many spectators want to come to watch the game comfortably by car, and for this purpose, EuroPark has created its own "parking slot" for soccer fans in the immediate vicinity of the Kalev sports hall in the parking lot of Juhkentali 1. The parking lot is large enough to accommodate all those who wish to come by car, and at a more affordable price than usual!

If parking in Juhkentali 1 parking lot usually costs a maximum of €5, then for basketball fans, it would only be €2. The price for 30 minutes is reduced to €0.5 instead of the usual €0.7.

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In addition to the parking price discount, EuroPark also donates 10% of your parking fee to support the team!

Park and support the team!



* Discount parking offer has ended!