Estonian Swimming Federation

The Estonian Swimming Federation, together with its predecessor, the Estonian Association of Track and Field, Heavy Athletics and Water Sports, with the "Estonian Watersports Federation, which separated from it in 1934, the Estonian Swimming Federation, was founded in 1922. The activity of the Estonian Swimming Federation was restored on October 28, 1989.

The aim of the Estonian Swimming Federation is to promote the practice of fields of swimming and create the necessary conditions for it in Estonia. This includes sending our athletes and teams to major championships, organizing domestic and international competitions, providing training for swimming coaches and officials, and other related activities.

Since 1991, the Estonian Swimming Federation has been a member of the World Aquatics (FINA) and the European Aquatics (LEN), as well as a member of the Estonian Olympic Committee. The federation consists of 39 sports organizations with 808 licensed swimmers. There are 182 swimming coaches registered in the coach registry.

The cooperation between EuroPark and the Estonian Swimming Federation began in 2010. Thanks to this collaboration, it became possible to popularize competitive swimming through TV broadcasts of the European Short Course Championships in 2011 and the organization of the Estonian Cup in 2012. Thanks to EuroPark's support, all sports enthusiasts in Estonia had the opportunity to cheer for our swimmers and witness their three medal victories at the 2011 European Short Course Championships, which were broadcasted on ETV channels. Triin Aljand won a silver and a bronze medal, while Martti Aljand secured a bronze medal.