ESTONIAN NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA  (ERSO) is the oldest regularly operating symphony orchestra in Estonia. The history of the orchestra dates back to 1926, and similarly to many others around the world, it is associated with the birth and development of national broadcasting. In addition to performing concerts at the Estonia Concert Hall, the orchestra also performs multiple times abroad during the season. The repertoire of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO) spans from Baroque music to contemporary compositions, and the orchestra has been the premiere performer of nearly all symphonic works by Estonian composers.

Since 2010, the chief conductor and artistic director of the orchestra with over 100 members has been Neeme Järvi. Since 2002, Paavo Järvi has been the artistic advisor, and since 2007, Olari Elts has been the principal guest conductor.

ERSO has been praised for the high quality of its recordings in prestigious classical music magazines, and this recognition has been accompanied by several awards, the most significant of which was the first Grammy won by Estonia in 2004. The orchestra has embarked on tours in Europe, the United States, and the former Soviet Union and has participated in both Estonian and international music festivals, including the "Baltic Sea Festival," "NYYD Festival," "Nargenfestival," "Birgitta Festival," "Estonian Music Days," "MustonenFest," and others.

ERSO and EuroPark have been collaborating since the 2014/2015 season to offer 3 hours of free parking at the Rävala Parking House during ERSO concerts. The collaboration has continued for several seasons and is still in effect. We offer 3 hours of free parking during the concerts of the ERSO concert series; see more details HERE.

In this way, we can contribute to the prominence of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra outside the concert hall and make concert experiences carefree and enjoyable as a result of our collaboration.