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EuroPark supports donation!


You donate blood, EuroPark pays for your parking!

You want to make a good as a donor and donate blood to those in need. EuroPark has good news for all car owners!  EuroPark wants your turn your coming to the DonorForum even more comfortable, as you no longer have to worry about parking - EuroPark allows you to park for 2 hours in Rotermann's parking garage for free!

In January 2018, EuroPark and the Regional Hospital Verekeskus agreed that EuroPark will support donors who are visiting the DonorForum in the city center of Tallinn for 2 hours free parking in Rotermann's parking garage.

There is no need for the Donor to do anything other than informing the DonorForum staff after the blood donation that the car is parked in a Rotermanni parking garage and the employee gives a parking coupon as a gift. The coupon can be used to pay for parking by entering a parking automation desk after entering a regular ticket. The ATM will account for 2 hours of parking fee from your parking time. If you parked for less than 2 hours, you can get out of the parking lot completely free of charge.

EuroPark has contributed to the health and well-being of people in Estonia for many years, supporting a variety of sports, cultural events, and from now on the donation together with the Estonian Verekeskus. If thanks to the free parking there will be more donors, and so we have helped more people in need, our goal has greatly paid off! EuroPark's goal is the same as donors - help those in need!

Let's make good together - You donate blood and EuroPark is paying for your parking!


Map from DonorForum to Rotermanni parking House:

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